What's The Point Of Knowledge If It Isn't Shared?

I'm here to inspire you to serve your patents at a higher level than where you currently are.
This series isn't just meant to amplify your manual skills as a Therapist, it's meant to develop you to be a more competent and confident Therapist. Not only will we discover evidence-informed treatment strategies to improve your outcomes, but we'll engage and communicate on how to practice more professionally setting new standards of care and levels of expectation for ourselves and out profession.

You will approach your practice in a more engaged, confident, competent and satisfying manner.

So, How Does This Work...

It's Easy... Register for the series by enrolling in the First Course.
Class size is limited so that you have complete access to me, so don't wait to get in.

We meet one Sunday every 2 months for a fun filled informative practice changing day. This is just long enough for you to put into practice what we discuss in the course. Just as you start to get back into your old treatment habits, it's time for another course to reengage your aspirations of practicing at a higher standard.

I understand that finances are challenging for most these days, so I make it easy and simple to join the series. You just simply pay for each upcoming course the month before.


This is my way of saying I appreciate your dedication to the group and to show that I am extremely passionate about this profession and it's members! 
Once you are a part of the LAST Mentorship Group, you can Audit any course again...


But there's a catch!
For the Course that you would like to attend, that you have previously taken, you will get to be my Teachers Assistant -TA! You will assist in all aspects of making sure the current course members take away as much knowledge as possible. You will not receive CEC's or a Course Manual.
If you have not taken the course previously with a LAST Mentorship Group then you pay the same as everyone and join the class as a valuable member. 

2020 Course Dates

 (Subject to change by the group)

Learn New Innovative, Evidence Informed Techniques based on Current Research To Treat Joint Issues!