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Here you'll find some FREE Techniques taken from various courses along with some informative videos.

FREE Ligament Pain Referral Patterns Course
In this course I instruct you on some basic Neurophysiology pertaining to pain, the most common Ligament Pain Referral Patterns according to research, integrate some patient stories and provide an always expanding Resource Centre for you to visit.

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In these letters to you, I discuss new perspectives on patient management, some personal development thoughts to help improve your competence in practice, along with a lot of research based information to keep you up to date.

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Techniques for the Shoulder - Regular $299
23 Step-by-step exclusive videos
Total Hours: 7hrs

Techniques for the Knee - Regular $299
20 Step-by-step exclusive videos 
Total Hours: 7.9hrs

Techniques for the Leg & Foot - Regular $299
20 Step-by-step exclusive videos 
Total Hours: 7hrs

Compilation Course -Regular $299
10 step-by-step exclusive videos
Total Hours: 4.5hrs

Techniques for the Hip & Pelvis - Regular $999 $499
36 step-by-step exclusive videos
Total Hours: 9.5hrs

Ligament Pain Referral Patterns
9 exclusive video lessons along with the amazing resource section which I continually update along with the 1-Page PDF schematic of the Neurophysiological Model for Referred Pain
Total Hours: 3hrs

FREE Techniques
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Some Kind Words From Our Peers...

  • This is the first online cec course I’ve done and to be honest I was not looking forward to it! I generally find it hard to stay focused and engaged on the computer but Robs videos managed to keep me engaged and interested. I will be recommending this course to my fellow RMTs.
    Stacey Spring
  • I found this course to be extremely thorough and am excited for these techniques to be a part of my practice!
    Candace Nikic
  • I was beginning to collect and develop this information on my own because I knew my client’s pain was real and I was unable to reverse their symptoms. I am excited to receive the posters and the accompanying information to take my practice to the next level. By the way, a big thanks for doing all the hard work for me!!!
    Terry L Cope
  • I am so grateful for Robert’ Libby’s incredible Shoulder Ligamentous Release techniques which have transformed my practice and are creating positive outcomes for my clients daily!
    Mary Gillian Vellet
  • Robert is one of the most caring and devoted instructors I ‘ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. It’s always a pleasure to be in his class
    Gary A Sofko
  • Thank you Robert! I found your courses very clear and detailed. It is always so inspiring to learn new and effective techniques that are gentle on both therapist and client alike. Look forward to more
    Lisa Hendry
  • I found Robert Libby’s teaching of theory and demo’s clear, articular and easy to understand. I plan to use these techniques and principles in my practice as a RMT.
    Linda Bassingthwaighte